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Oh, What A Parish!

PlaidSong invites you to join us for a trip around the parishes of Perthshire and find out some fascinating stories in local and not so local, history! Our journey through the parishes introduce you to some real characters from adventurers travelling to the Pacific Northwest, soldiers of the Peninsular War and some terrible parishioners who brewed whisky in the Kirk, played bagpipes in the pulpit and even hanged their minister!

PlaidSong were formed as a duo because Syd and Nicky had the idea to present historical stories along with songs. How did we get to that idea and think audiences might like the combination?

In October 2016 Nicky was giving a presentation on the life and work of Carolina, lady Nairne to the Friends of Perth and Kinross Archive. She knew that Lady Nairne's life story could only be told in the fullest way if the songs were included.

While Nicky had lots of information and had done research on Lady Nairne's life, Syd set about creating arrangements for the songs which would illustrate Lady Nairne's remarkable life story. The response from that first audience was wonderful, people really enjoyed the idea that so many songs had real history behind them and could see how they were an integral part of Lady Nairne's history.

We have created many new sets of songs based on historical themes with Lady Nairne still a firm favourite as we work on more of her songs especially ones which are less well known.

We do like to find a few under-rated gems!

Our sessions include themes including clans and noblewomen, women writers such as Violet Jacob, and we have also done sessions on the life and work of Robert Burns and we always feature some aspects of Jacobite history. The Scottish Plant hunters is another theme we have explored and keep expanding our knowledge on.

This image is taken from Enlist Bonnie Laddie our presentation and performance of songs related to Scots soldiering.

We are delighted to be returning to the AK Bell Library for the Friends of Perth and Kinross Archive once more! The parishes of Perthshire is a broad topic and we have had tremendous fun choosing songs and stories from all over Perth and Kinross. Some of the songs are very local but others take us far away from the parishes too as we follow the lives and stories of people born in Perthshire but who made their way in the wider world, as Scots often did in the past.

Always in our minds are the connections to be made in history and this session is a wee reminder of all those amazing resources which can be found in the Archive and in the Local and Family History department at AK Bell. Maps, the Old Statistical Accounts and of course the Old Parochial Records can all be accessed through the library and archive - we go there for our inspiration! check out their resources on the web links below and also find out how to join us on March 24th at the AK Bell for this ticketed event 6.30 pm.

Friends of Perth and Kinross Archive - find out what they are up to, future events and ways to join.

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