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Following You!

It's been a busy summer so far, a lot of planning going into future events and some travel plans, which are very exciting!

We have also been in the recording studio last month and had a fantastic day with the very talented Dave Macfarlane. We are so lucky to know Dave and have his advice and expertise. He is always interested and makes some great suggestions and always shares something useful! We know how we like things to sound and he works really hard to understand what we want and capture it, we are very grateful for all his efforts.

This song, Following You, is a bit of a departure for us though, something a little bit different from our more traditional interpretations. Syd wrote this song many years ago and we reworked it a little to suit our voices and current style although its pretty much unchanged, just a few tweaks!

Its a song about change I guess, things changing from how they once were, people coming into our lives and also losing touch with people, which can sometimes be unsettling or it can be exactly what we need. You decide and please let us know what you think of the song! You will find Following You on our music page - you can make comments below.

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