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The Dew on her Plaid Jacobite songs and their history

We did an online session of songs and history for our good friends the Soldiers of Killiecrankie. They have been posting some wonderful and informative videos live from the battlefield site and the surrounding area to illustrate and share the fabulous history of the first Jacobite rebellion in 1689.

You can see the video on their FB page Soldiers of Killiecrankie Dew on her Plaid Please look this up on FB or on their webpage or on Youtube! Lots of other great things coming from these guys in the future and it seems there is a great appetite for stories, history and song! We will be doing further online sessions in the coming months, covering more songs and the history behind them.


I worked on a big exhibition in Perth last year called Jacobite Clans which was really popular and featured lots of local material and Perthshire history. To accompany the exhibition I worked on a series of podcasts and you can find these if you link here Jacobite Clans Podcasts Fir those of you who enjoyed the music and history this is something else you might enjoy!

Syd and I continue to work on our songs and love the research into the music, the words, where the song originated and who it was written by - sometimes finding these things out can bring some startling new information to light! really listening to the words or searching out the old, original versions can do the same.


Listen for the Jacobite references in Dark Lochnagar and who knows the real story behind Lady Grange? all songs we will be exploring further in the weeks to come!

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