PlaidSong meet Saor Alba!

We have long enjoyed great ceilidhs and events at Killiecrankie over many years often performing at the world famous (it really is!) Burns Supper. We have wonderful friends up there and we have also been involved with the Soldiers of Killiecrankie in the past few years, Nicky giving talks in the big tent and supporting in various ways. This year the event was focused on the Killiecrankie Visitor Centre and through a couple on intrepid organisers the Saor Alba group of French Jacobite reenactors were attending. These guys are amazing! Their costumes, their attention to detail and their ability to share history in a practical informative way so visitors learn so much about the period is fantastic - they really are living history!

Our friends James and Kathleen Rattray invited us up to come along to the ceilidh in the village hall to celebrate the visit and weekend events which centred on the 330th anniversary of the Battle of Killiecrankie. This was a great evening, lovely weather, BBQ and refreshments for all and so well supported by the local community. We really enjoyed the evening and gave our French visitors a taste of real Perthshire hospitality, which they loved! Our wonderful friends have made videos of the weekend - all kind thinks to Chantal the fiddler ! - and we can share them here, great fun and great memories.

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