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Great review from Daviot!

We enjoyed a lovely evening at Daviot presenting songs and history to the members of the North East Aberdeen supporters of the National Trust for Scotland.

Just sharing this wonderful review taken from their winter newsletter.....


It might have been a cold and dismal evening but I’m sure that anyone who braved the weather to make their way to Daviot for the Plaidsong concert felt the effort was well worth it. It was an unusual location for a Members’ Centre event, but what a wonderful venue and what a delightful and talented pair the Plaidsong duo were. Nicky Small and Syd House presented a programme of traditional Scottish music along with some of their own compositions touching on historical themes. They also told the stories behind the songs, which really brought them alive. These included tales about the “Great Montrose” who couched his love song to his wife in contemporary political terms (how romantic!). Two Lady Nairnes featured – one the celebrated song writer and an earlier lady who bravely travelled to London to negotiate with Queen Anne for the release of her Jacobite husband. Who could forget the tale of Lady Grange, daughter of a convicted murderer, whose beauty and charm ensured that she not only remained accepted by society but married a law lord, only to be kidnapped and shipped to St. Kilda by him when she threatened to expose him as a Jacobite sympathiser – who needs Eastenders? There were also new songs telling stories that ranged from the trials of the many Scottish plant hunters who travelled the world seeking new plants for our gardens to the famous fighting sea captain Sir Thomas Cochrane and his role in the liberation of Chile. All of these were delivered in Nicky’s sweet true voice accompanied by Syd’s guitar. A wonderful evening!"

We are really grateful for such kind words and such a warm welcome. I have added the song about Montrose that was mentioned in the review - My dear and Only love to our music page


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