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Stories from the Jacobite Clans

As part of my day job as Local History Officer in Perthshire I work with the Culture Perth and Kinross museum team on exhibitions in Perth. Our current summer exhibition is Jacobite Clans and I have worked on lots of the content around this exhibition. As Jacobite history, and Scottish noblewomen in particular, is one of my main research interests this has been fab - who wouldn't enjoy being paid to do research they love! We had a lot of press interest and this is great as I get to talk about our Jacobite stories, artefacts and the paintings we have on view for this summer, all good promotional stuff. I cannot recommend the exhibition enough and not just because I'm kinda proud of all the work we did as team! The design and build, the vision overall and the look of the whole thing is down to a really talented team and my contribution to this is knowledge and digging up the stories. We have used big events as an overview especially the Battle of Killiecrankie but the main focus has been on local noble families and clans. We really wanted to explore the stories from these families, the personal insights into 'ordinary' lives touched by extraordinary events. Please go and see it if you visit Perth.

More information from Culture Perth and Kinross

We worked with lots of partners and there are so many other places to visit in Perthshire that relate to the exhibition, its a real Jacobite tour! The other part of this is a series of podcasts - you can find these on Spotify if you search for Jacobite Clans - and this is me and my colleague David having a chat about what's in the exhibition and what folk can expect to see and where to find out more. Get in touch with me here if you want more info

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