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PlaidSong Playing from Home

In lockdown we feel really lucky to have our music to work on during this enforced time at home. Lots of people have taken to baking or gardening or learning something new. Many folk are working from home (Nicky) and others have a tough time coping as carers and home schooling the kids! Music has kept us going through this time of not seeing our families and friends and we have even been creative, writing new music we will share with you quite soon!

So many people are separated from the folk they play music with and the future for live gigs is very uncertain right now but the appetite for traditional music and enjoying it together persists! We were lucky to be asked by Glenfarg Folk Club to play an online gig for them last week and, after a few technical issues, we really enjoyed a lovely evening on Zoom! with waves and thumbs up for communication we had some good feedback and it was nice to get back in front of an audience again - we miss that!

It has inspired us to create a few videos which we have posted on our Facebook page and which have received some really nice comments. I am going to keep adding them here so those of you not on FB can see them.

We will be doing a few online sessions for the Soldiers of Killiecrankie - again on their Facebook page and also to be found here or on their webpage too [Link below]. Our first is coming up on July 7th and we will be talking in detail about Jacobite songs - the history, the meanings, when they were written, who wrote them and the legacy that these songs are a significant part of. Lots of favorite songs to explore here and a few new ones to perform too.

So - here we are, singing from our home, our music room, a jaunty tune to start with - The Lass O Gowrie by Lady Nairne

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